Home Science & Management (Duration – 1 Year)

Home management is the vital factor in every family contributing to the overall health, happiness and well-being of the family. Management today an essential component of family living. Home management is the natural outcome of human relationship in the home environment. When the family is established, management becomes one of the major responsibilities of the family living.

Home management deals with the practical application of the principles of management to the home. Home management is the administrative aspect of family living. The study of Home management is intimately linked with values, standards and goals which give meaning to the lives, thoughts, feelings and experiences of the members of the family. These values, standards and goals which are closely related to each other, motivate the family to make decisions, to achieve their desired goals.

Subjects Covered

  • Lifestyle Accessories
  • Costume Jewellery Manufacturing
  • Garment Designing And Manufacturing
  • Creativity Unlimited
  • Wrap ‘N’ Pack
  • Computer Proficiency
  • Enhancing Drawing Skills
  • Dyeing And Printing
  • Surface Ornamentation
  • Home Decoration
  • Home Science And It’s Application
  • Home Management
  • Child Development
  • Understanding Relationships
  • Etiquettes
  • Self Grooming
  • Table Laying
  • Personality Development
  • Food Science

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